Best Invention Ever: Drink Chilling Whiskey Stones

Drink Chilling Whiskey Stones

There's nothing worse than a drink gone lukewarm. Add ice, and your precious bourbon gets watered down. Solution? Whiskey stones. 

Best Invention Ever: Drink Chilling Whiskey Stones

An innovation by design retailer and manufacturer Teroforma, the product was conceived of by company co-founder Andrew Hellman. Hellman was inspired by a bag of loose stones he found in his Swedish grandfather's liquor cabinet, and decided to create an interpretation of an age old Scandinavian tradition.

Created by soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont, the stones aren't a substitute for ice, but they will chill your drink. Just pop them in your freezer for a few hours, and then drop them into your glass. Rinse, dry and re-use. Brilliants!

You can find them at Think Geek, Uncommon Goods, or purchase directly from Teroforma.

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interesting. very interesting. got to love the swedes.

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