News: Danny MacAskill Continues to Amaze in "Industrial Revolutions"

Danny MacAskill Continues to Amaze in "Industrial Revolutions"

The newest addition to the talented Danny MacAskill's impressive portfolio of stunt videos showcases the cyclist maneuvering through a closed iron works factory. Shot by filmmaker Stu Thomson, the video features MacAskill riding through empty buildings and rusty railroads, as he jumps, flips, and turns new tricks—from simple stunts like jumping from one railroad track to the other, to more complicated feats like riding a rope.

What does it take to film an athlete like Danny MacAskill? It's a lot harder than it looks. Director Stu Thomson went over the major hurdles with FastCompany. Although the video is less than five minutes long, it took eight days to shoot, and many, many takes, as Danny MacAskill rides and does his tricks. According to Thomson, "The mental challenge is that when you are doing a back flip drop of two meters onto concrete or riding on a cable 4 meters off the ground it's a scary thing. Some of the bigger tricks take a lot of focus and bravery to do and sometimes that barrier takes Danny a long time to overcome. That's why it's crucial to get the shot when he finally lands the trick."

Since the shots can take over 20 and up to a 100 attempts, it's a testament to MacAskill's focus, dedication, and patience that he can pull these stunts off. He's even shown flubbing a trick, proving that he isn't a perfect athlete.

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That is awesome!

Wow, this dude is insane.

does this not tell us that a special device can be built to our limbs to make us super active in water and land?

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